A Word About Kit Designers

2011 Blog AvatarToday it’s time for a few words about digital scrapbooking kit designers. It’s fine for users to upload their photographs and post them onto digital backgrounds, but without the digital design elements to decorate their pages with, our site is just another Shutterfly or Flickr competitor. As you have figured out already, Limulus Systems will not be creating the digital design elements; instead, it will be a team of experienced kit designers who have already made a name in scrapbooking. We could possibly come up with our own design elements, but why, when there are so many creative gifts out there? It makes much more sense to use the existing talent.

As I see it, Limulus Systems actually has to please two constituencies to be successful: app users and kit designers. The first of these is obvious – if the users (our customers) ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. However, our project is also highly dependent on the second group. We will need a team of reliable and enthusiastic designers. Why enthusiastic? Kit designers have a choice about whether to work with us or not. We’re not the only game in town, so if they don’t like the way they are being treated at Limulus Systems, there are plenty of other ways of selling kits.

So, part of my job has been (a) identifying designers who would be a good fit for Limulus Systems and (b) learning from them about their needs and preferences. In many ways, this has been a great part of my job. I love working with creative people and all the designers I’ve contacted so far have been very kind and helpful, assisting both in understanding their needs and the needs of scrapbooking in general. If we are successful, and I think we will be, it will be in part due to the kit designers I have had the pleasure of working with, especially Karen Schulz (Snickerdoodle Designs), Kate Castillo (Just So Scrappy), and Michelle Coleman (Little Dreamer Designs). Check them out and buy something from their web sites.

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