What The Heck Am I Doing?

Limulus-Systems-IconAs the end of the year approaches, I find that this is a good time to re-think how I spend my time. Why am I in this? Why am I trying to start my own company? Is there something else I should be doing? Heaven knows, there has got to be an easier and more profitable way to make a living.

I’m not doing this for the money because, heaven knows, there’s been none of that so far (though we hope that will change!). It’s not for the immediate satisfaction since, truth be told, this start-up business can be discouraging and a little lonely, as you work away on your own at your computer. Yes, it’s satisfying to think about the web-app-that-is-to-come, but there’s also a lot of satisfaction to be had in doing a good job at an existing company. Why start my own, in an industry I’ve never worked in?

One answer: I must be a little bit crazy.

I hope there’s a better answer than that. For me, what it comes down to is the desire to create something; to be part of something bigger than myself that I had a substantial hand in summoning up. It’s more akin to wanting to paint masterpieces or write symphonies than it is to making a career. I wrote a little bit about it in the Limulus Systems partnership document that Tom Norton and I put together.

I would like to create something lasting and of value; something that is fulfilling personally and financially; something that tests my skills and abilities without being an unreasonable burden. It is also my firm belief that remaining amicable with my partners is as important as doing well financially. Finally, I enter into this agreement in a sense of excitement and fun which I expect to continue in the future.

That pretty much sums it up. I want to work, and even work hard, but I want to do it on my own terms. I want to enjoy it, I want to work with people I like, and I want it to be intellectually challenging.

Now that’s something that not every job promises.


P.S – Sorry about skipping a few weeks on this blog – things have been moving, but some of it is confidential for the moment. There will be big news soon, I hope!

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