Help For The Holidays

Limulus-Systems-IconEverybody could use a little extra help this time of year, am I right? You’re busy with shopping, prepping for out-of-town company, wrapping presents, decorating for the season…it’s a lot to do. What to get for Aunt Margaret, who claims she doesn’t want anything, but will resent it if you don’t? What to serve for Christmas dinner for sister Laurene, who is gluten-free vegan with nut and allergies, and Uncle Harry, who eats only red meat? And then there’s work. You’re trying to get something done on the computer, and you just can’t remember where that file went. The last thing you need is to be fighting with your computer when there’s so much else on your mind.

Well, Limulus Systems is here to help. We can’t tell you what to serve for dinner, but we’d like to do something for you. Every year, we give our readers a little something. I’d send you all a package of Christmas cookies, but I don’t know where you live, and besides, who needs all those calories this time of year? Maybe something else…how about some free software to help you find that lost file?

This year’s gift is a document management application called doo. What does it do? Billed as “The Document App”, doo creates tags from the content of your documents that allow the documents to be easily searched. Once doo is set up, you type in the title of your document, or text from the document, and up comes a list of all the documents containing those words. Click on the right one, and the document is opened, easy as that.

Not just documents, doo will help you find photos or images that have been labelled or tagged. Text notes, Word docs, Google documents, you name it, doo can include it in a search. doo has an OCR function too, so that it will also find text in PDF documents. There’s no special folders or reorganizing required. You can keep your current file system, messy as it is – doo will still find your documents. Even if you store your documents in the cloud, in Evernote, Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Docs, or email, doo will find them for you.

doo takes a little setup, since you have to connect the application with your cloud services, and the application takes a little time to create intelligent tags to organize your documents, but after setting it up, it works really well. It’s a wonderful little program, suitable for Mac and Windows computers, for iOS and Android. And best of all? It’s free and you can download it here! The company has plans for premium features in the future, but for now, there’s no cost for any of it. Check it out.

Happy Holidays!

Revised 2 April 2014: Well, it turns out I gave you a bum steer on this one – doo is no longer in business as of March. Not sure why, perhaps they never figured out their premium features. I liked it, but maybe I was the only one. In any case, chalk it up as yet another one of those cheesy presents that break soon after you open them. Better luck next year.

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