How is Funnelcake?

Limulus-Systems-IconNow that Funnelcake for iPhone is out, we want to know what people think about it. What do you like best about it? What is the worst thing about it? How will you use it? We’ll be doing formal usability testing in the near future, but in the meantime we’ re interested in any first impressions you may have. Let us know, good, bad, or indifferent!

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3 Responses to How is Funnelcake?

  1. Scyntist4merlynome says:

    Hey! We tried out Funnelcake at the Stanford vs. Utah football game on Saturday (15 NOV 14). What fun! Even though it was created near Berkeley it worked well in the Stanford stadium! ;>) We needed a 15 year old to figure out that the funnel we created at home before the start of the game wouldn't transfer to the stadium. lol Once we got that concept understood, we were off to the races.

    Immediately after the game, I was trying to expand the photos, and I couldn't get them to expand. Either the iPhone was unresponsive or perhaps the lag was the result of signing in through Facebook? But this morning, all is well. The photos were accessible.

    Kudos to your team! I hope it is a great success.

    • wjackman says:

      I know, it\’s fun isn\’t it? We just have to get the word out about it and I think people will like it. Sorry about the photos not expanding right away, I\’ll tell the development team.

  2. Scyntist4merlynome says:

    Another phenomenon that happened to my delight was that the funnel we started at home was merged with the Stanford game funnel. I liked that. How is it that Funnelcake was "smart" enough to merge the two? Was the software able to recognize the IDs of those posting or did the titles of the funnels (they were slightly different) suggest that they were the same?

    Another plus for me was that I don't have a text plan, so I have to pay for each text coming in. With Funnelcake I don't have to worry about text charges.

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